A Single-cell and Spatial RNA-Seq Database for Alzheimer's Disease


Over 7,300,000 cells and 381 Spatial Transcriptomics samples from 85 Human & Mouse studies.

  • Detailed annotations including cell types and spatial layers
  • Differential gene expressions and functional enrichment analysis
  • Spatially variable genes and deconvolution with single-cell datasets


Query results over 67 single-cell & single-nuclei RNA-seq and 18 spatial studies.

  • Search differentially expressed genes
  • Find overlapping DEGs from multiple comparisons


Download all raw & processed datasets.

  • Raw gene expression & authors' label
  • High quality processed data & metadata
  • Text format or objects can be directly loaded into Seurat / Scanpy

Interactive visualizations

User-friendly web server to provide comprehensive analysis interpretations and filters support multiple selections

  • Scatter plots for clusters, cell types, and spatial layers
  • Feature plots and violin plots for gene expression profile
  • Real-time gene set enrichment analysis
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